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Uber海外拓展屡受挫 遭西班牙泰国叫停

行业资讯 / 2022-10-21 23:15

本文摘要:PARIS — A run of bad news for Uber continued on Tuesday, when Spain and Thailand ordered the ride-sharing service to cease operations in the two countries.巴黎——Uber近日屡屡接到坏消息,西班牙和泰国在周二命令该下车服务公司暂停在这两个国家的运营。


PARIS — A run of bad news for Uber continued on Tuesday, when Spain and Thailand ordered the ride-sharing service to cease operations in the two countries.巴黎——Uber近日屡屡接到坏消息,西班牙和泰国在周二命令该下车服务公司暂停在这两个国家的运营。In Madrid, a commercial court judge sided with a taxi association complaint, saying that Uber must cease driving in Spain until a lawsuit contesting its right to operate can be heard. In Bangkok, the Thai transport authorities ordered Uber to shut down after finding that its drivers lacked the registration and insurance needed to operate commercial vehicles, Reuters reported.在马德里,一名商事法庭法官反对出租车协会的控告,称之为在一桩挑战Uber运营权的诉讼案件取得审理前,该公司必需暂停在西班牙的运营。据路透社(Reuters)报导,在曼谷,泰国交通管理机构找到Uber司机没按照商用车辆运营规定,展开登记注册和出售保险,因此拒绝该公司暂停营业。

Just one day earlier, officials in New Delhi, the Indian capital, ordered Uber to cease its operations there after one of its drivers was accused of raping a passenger.就在一天之前,印度大城新德里的官员拒绝Uber暂停在印度的运营。此前,一名Uber司机被控强奸乘客。

Also on Monday, a Dutch appeals court upheld that Uber drivers who transport passengers without a taxi license are violating Dutch law. The court said the company would be subject to immediate fines if it continued to operate its UberPop service, which enables any licensed driver with a car and Uber-issued device to pick up passengers.一家荷兰裁决法院也在周一做出判决,称之为Uber司机在没取得出租车许可的情况下配备乘客,违背了荷兰法律。该法庭称之为,如果Uber之后获取UberPop服务,该公司不会立刻遭罚款。UberPop使得任何享有驾驶执照及Uber发给的装置的司机都可以配备乘客。

Uber, which is based in San Francisco, said in a statement Tuesday that the Madrid judge’s ruling was “inconsistent with broad political acknowledgment in Spain and across the European Union on the benefits of sharing economy services.’总部坐落于旧金山的Uber周二发表声明称之为,马德里法官的裁决与西班牙及欧盟国家政府对共享型经济服务公司带给的益处的普遍接纳不存在对立。“We’ll defend ourselves in anyway we can legally,” Susanne Elias-Stulemeijer, an Uber spokeswoman in London added in a phone interview. She said that the company had yet to be contacted by the Spanish judge. “But first we need to see the official document.“我们将竭尽所能,利用法律保卫我们的利益,”Uber派驻伦敦的女发言人苏珊·伊莱亚斯-斯杜尔梅捷尔(Susanne Elias-Stulemeijer)拒绝接受电话专访时说。


她回应,西班牙法官仍未联系该公司。“但首先,我们必须看见官方文件。”Uber is the most visible of a number of companies that are using smartphone technology to reinvent the taxi business. Clients use the app to hail a ride from ordinary car owners who have signed up to shuttle passengers.在很多利用智能手机技术政治宣传出租车行业的公司中,Uber是最引人注意的一个。


用户通过这款应用于可以用于普通车主获取的服务,这些车主签下获取载运乘客的服务。The nascent service has grown at a phenomenal rate, and done so with virtually no regulation. But its success — the company has been valued by investors at an eye-popping $40 billion and before the recent problems was operating in more than 200 cities around the world — has put Uber in the sights of public officials on various continents, sometimes because of resistance from entrenched operators, and sometimes because of concerns about the service’s approach to labor and safety rules.这种新兴的服务完全不不受管控,飞速发展。Uber的估值早已超过400亿美元(2478亿元人民币),令人震惊,在最近遭遇困难之前,该公司已在世界上200多个国家开展业务。

Uber的顺利使它受到各个国家政府工作人员的注目,有时是因为遭老牌运营商的杯葛,有时是因为该公司对劳工及安全性规定的态度引起了忧虑。The company has even run into resistance on its home turf of the United States, one of the most freewheeling markets for disruptive technologies. On Monday, the city government of Portland, Ore., said it would sue to stop the company from operating.Uber甚至在它的主场地盘——美国也遭了杯葛,对于颠覆性的技术来说,美国是仅次于的自由市场之一。

周一,俄勒冈州波特兰市政府回应,他们将驳回诉讼,制止该公司之后运营。Europe is one of Uber’s fastest-growing markets; consumers have embraced it as an alternative to the guildlike taxi services that in many cities place low priority on customer service.对于Uber来说,欧洲是发展最慢的市场之一;消费者把它当作替换行会式出租车服务公司的自由选择,这些公司在很多城市不过于侧重用户服务。Even before the Dutch and Spanish actions, Uber was finding the terrain inhospitable. A Frankfurt court in September barred UberPop from operating in Germany, the largest market on the Continent, until a case could be heard on its compliance with competition rules.甚至在荷兰及西班牙采行措施之前,Uber就找到该地区不过于友好关系。

法兰克福的一家法院在今年9月判断,在就该公司否遵从竞争规则举办听证会前,禁令UberPop在德国运营,而德国是欧洲大陆上仅次于的市场。Uber may not have had its last bit of bad news. On Friday, a court in Paris is expected to decide whether to shut down the service in France.Uber有可能还不会接到其他坏消息。周五,巴黎的一家法院将裁决否拒绝该公司暂停在法国的运营。